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Welcome, Kelsey!

Kelsey Fuller has joined the Swenson Center team as a part-time library/archives assistant. Kelsey was hired on a 10-month contract as a Visiting Assistant Professor for Scandinavian Studies at Augustana College with a 50% teaching release to work a

t the Swenson Center. She says, "This dual appointment puts me in a unique position to create opportunities for interactions and connections between students in Scandinavian Studies and the Swenson Center."

Kelsey's Ph.D. is in ethnomusicology, and her research has specialized in Sami and Swedish music in the late-20th and 21st centuries. While conducting her graduate work at the University of Colorado Boulder, she worked at the Waltz Music Library.

At the Swenson Center, Kelsey is learning archival theory and updating archival finding aid information. She is also conducting library inventories to resolve discrepancies in the library catalog. The bulk of her time has been spent working with the collection of sound recordings, predominantly LPs, to appraise and document this collection for eventual processing. We are glad to have Kelsey's background in ethnomusicology for this project!


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