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The Swenson Center has digitized a small portion of its collections and creative & scholarly output.

Digitized images can be found here, along with descriptions of our archival collections.

PrinceBertilmss p308 ph 21.jpeg

A small portion of our archival collections have been digitized. Use this portal to access this content. Includes some letter collections and American Union of Swedish Singers content. 


Play The Swedish Immigrant Trail!  This historical fiction game, inspired by the Oregon Trail, was based on information found in the Swenson Center’s collections. Designed and created by Augustana College students.


See digitized Swedish American Genealogist (1981-), Swenson Center News (1986-2003), Faculty Research Stipend reports (2015-), and Swenson Center exhibits (2012-).


Swedish American Genealogist is a journal devoted to Swedish American biography, genealogy, and personal history published by the Swenson Center. Read back issues from 1981 until 4 years from the present date online, for free. 


Search and read more than 300,000 pages from 28 Swedish American newspapers published across the United States between 1859 and 2007.


This project was produced through a joint partnership of institutions in the United States and Sweden. 

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