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Frequently asked questions to help prepare you for your visit

How do I contact the staff?

Do I need an appointment?

For genealogy research: Yes.

For library/archival research: Yes. 

To borrow materials from our lending collection: No. 

For a general visit to learn more about us: Recommended. We might be busy assisting a researcher!

For Augustana College students: Recommended. If you stop by we will try our best to help you, but you may need to make a return visit. 

Is the public permitted?

Yes. While we are located at Augustana College, we are open to more than just the campus community! 

Library Cards

Are there fees?

Yes and no. 

There are no fees to visit and use our library/archives.

Genealogy research involves some fees to help cover database subscription costs. We also offer genealogy-for-hire

Reproductions (photocopies/scans) also have some fees. 

Individual classes and special events may have some associated fees. 

Fees are always reduced for our members

Do I need an ID/library card?

Yes and no. 

Researchers are asked to fill out a Researcher Registration form

To borrow materials from our Lending Collection, you will need a photo ID and current library card from local Illinois counties. 

What can I bring with me?

We recommend bringing the Research Registration form with you to save time. 

See our Reading Room Policies for restrictions (such as no food or drinks). Our reading room can be quite cold; we recommend bringing a sweater (year-round)! 

For genealogy research, please bring the Genealogy Visitor Research Form


Can I check out books?

Yes and no. 

Most of our materials do not circulate. Materials in our Lending Collection are able to be checked out by those with an Augustana College library card. See our Library Lending Policy

How do I find materials for my research?

Check out our Library/Archives page to search collections and identify materials to use at your research visit. For genealogy research visits, see Genealogy Resources

Do I need to request materials in advance?

This is highly recommended. Some materials will take time to retrieve from storage. To make the best use of your research visit, identify the materials you'd like to look at ahead of time and contact the staff to request them. You can request materials when you set up your appointment, or a few days before your visit. 

Can I use a camera?

Yes, with some restrictions. Refer to our Reading Room Policies and our Camera and Reproduction Use Notice

Does the Center offer class sessions/orientations/tours?

Where can I park?

Parking is a bit tricky on a college campus. See Contact/Visit for a map!

Does the Center take donations?

Yes! For donating books or archival materials, see Donations. Please initiate a conversation with staff before sending materials. For financial contributions, see Support

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