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How to request photocopies or scans


About Reproductions

Requests for digital images, photocopies, and scans must be evaluated by staff to determine the suitability of materials for reproduction. Many of our materials are too fragile, large, or tightly bound to be safely digitized. Turn-around time on reproduction orders will depend on the number of reproductions requested and the availability of staff time. 

Please refer to our Camera and Reproduction Use Notice for information regarding copyright and your use of reproductions.

Please note that we are generally unable to fulfill requests for large quantities of material, such as entire boxes of manuscript materials, whole books, or large numbers of photographs.




Non-members: $0.25/page ($5 minimum charge for mail orders)
Members & Augustana College students/faculty/staff: Up to 20 pages free


Digital Images

Non-members: $0 for the first image, $5 for each additional image.
Members & Augustana College students/faculty/staff: Up to 5 images free

Requests must be prepaid online.

Audio/Visual Reformatting

Audiovisual media often cannot be reformatted in-house and must be sent to a third-party vendor for digitization. The process of identifying appropriate vendors, soliciting price estimates, shipping materials, and waiting for their return can be quite lengthy, and the cost for audiovisual reformatting can be quite high.  All costs associated with a request for audiovisual reformatting will be passed on to the patron making the request. Center staff will first notify the patron of the vendor's estimate before proceeding.


Please note that in many cases, the Swenson Center does not hold the copyright to the materials in our physical possession.  It is the responsibility of the researcher to investigate the copyright status of the desired material and to secure any necessary permissions from the copyright holder.

To Request

To request a digital image, photocopy, or scan, please identify the materials you need, then contact us to initiate a request. We will provide a price quote and will complete the request after receiving your payment, as applicable. 

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