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Changes Coming for SAG

Our journal, Swedish American Genealogist, is launching exciting changes with its next issue, due out in early September.

Dear SAG supporter,

I am writing to thank you for your continued support of Swedish American Genealogist (SAG), the only journal devoted to Swedish American biography, genealogy, and personal history.

Founded by the legendary genealogist Dr. Nils William Olsson in 1981 and edited by him until 1997, SAG has become a central source of information for anyone interested in Swedish-American genealogy. Since 1991, SAG has also organized the highly successful annual SAG workshop at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

As the publisher of SAG, the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center is always working to be good stewards of the journal, and to honor the legacy of Nils William Olsson and the succeeding editors James Erickson, Hal Bern, Elisabeth Thorsell, Geoffrey Fröberg Morris, and Karen Livsey.

Following a series of discussions with editor Karen Livsey and others, we have concluded that in order to ensure the quality and viability of the journal, the best way forward for SAG is to adopt a biannual publication schedule—a winter and a summer issue. The nature and contents of the journal will be the same, but the change will allow the editor to work more systematically with potential authors, focus on procuring articles, and facilitate the production process. We anticipate that the new summer and winter issues will be longer than the current ones.

The best way forward for SAG is to adopt a biannual publication schedule.

There will be no changes in the financial arrangements, and you will continue to receive SAG by remaining a Swenson Center member at the level of your choice.

We are certain that this change is a way of making sure that SAG will face a stable future, and to make it possible to continue to bring you the readers the journal that you have come to expect. Let me also encourage you to consider submitting an article for publication. SAG is always looking for new topics, and I am sure that there are many interesting stories that should be shared with fellow SAG readers. You most likely have some from your own work. Please contact Karen Livsey to learn more.

Thank you again for your loyal support of SAG, which is crucial for the journal.

With the very best wishes,

Dag Blanck

Director, Swenson Center


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