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Faculty Research in "Whole Person Health"

Dr. Lena Hann, Assistant Professor in the Public Health Program at Augustana College was the 2021 recipient of our Faculty Research Stipend.

Hann is developing a study abroad course that will examine whole person

health experiences in Scandinavia. “Whole person health” includes physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and economic health and wellbeing—factors that intersect and change for each individual throughout the lifespan.

She writes, "Upon exploring the archives, I found an overwhelming number of resources that could inform how whole person health impacted the Swedish-American experience—so many that I was only able to graze the surface of information in my weeklong archive residency. Two important themes stuck out among the archival materials that I read this week: first, the U.S. response to, and assumptions about, the Scandinavian “welfare state” approaches to health and economic policy from the 1910s to 1960s; and second, the social and vocational experiences of Swedish-Americans in the Quad Cities during this same time."


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