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Meet Mariano

Advisory Committee Member Spotlight

Mariano Magalhães

Mariano Magalhães is professor of political science at Augustana College, where he teaches classes on comparative politics, including Politics in Latin America and Politics in the Arab World. He is also the Coordinator of Student Research & Creative Scholarship at Augustana. Dr. Magalhães earned his PhD at the University of Iowa in 1999 and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Brasilia in 2011, one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil.

Mariano in Sweden
Mariano in Sweden

His recent research, conducted in Spring 2022, involved fieldwork in Sweden examining the contribution and role of students in the governance structure at Uppsala University. Dr. Magalhães is partnering with Dr. Adam Hjorthén to create a transatlantic digital course that will enroll students from Augustana College and Uppsala University, around the theme of crises, to bring together students from each country to share their perspectives and foster mutual understandings of current crises. Dr. Magalhães is excited to join the advisory committee to deepen his new-found love of Sweden and to contribute to helping others make connections to Sweden. Mariano joined the Swenson Center's advisory committee this year.

Welcome, Mariano!


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