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Meet Mike

Advisory Committee Member Spotlight

Mike Swanson

Mike Swanson
Mike Swanson

I am originally from Fulton, Illinois, and have worked for the last 14 years as an archivist in the Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections at the University of North Dakota. I have a graduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Iowa and earned a Master of Science in Information degree from the University of Michigan. Among my current responsibilities are providing research services and managing the Arne G. Brekke Bygdebok Collection, an extensive collection of Norwegian local history publications useful for genealogical research. I have also been a staff member since 2012 with the annual Swedish American Genealogist Workshop in Salt Lake City.

I look forward to contributing as a member of the Advisory Committee. Even though I first visited the Swenson Center about 25 years ago as a researcher, there remains much for me to learn about its role to support the mission and vision of Augustana College. With my experiences as an archivist and as a genealogist, I hope to offer suggestions for the further development and utilization of the resources in the Swenson Center.

Mike joined the Swenson Center's advisory committee this year.

Welcome, Mike!


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