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New Archival Music Collection

Swenson Center summer intern Ainslie Lounsbury, with archivist Lisa Huntsha, recently completed the processing of MSS P:352 Carl Robert Larson music collection.

This collection includes over 200 pieces of Swedish solo songs connected to Larson’s PhD dissertation “A History of Swedish Solo Song” from the University of Iowa in 1968. The dissertation discusses Swedish composers from 1740 to the 1970s. The collection includes sheet music from 1906-1978 and some pieces of undated, handwritten, music. Rare works by Scandinavian composers, particularly Bernhard Lilja, who donated manuscripts of his works to Larson for his dissertation are included. There are several other pieces of unpublished, manuscript/handwritten music by various composers.

The collection is almost entirely in Swedish, but a few works are in Finnish, Danish, and English. The dissertation was written in 1968, but it seems Larson continued collecting works after that date. Many of the pieces of music come from sources and publishers in Sweden such as The Society of Swedish Composers (Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare), Nordiska Musikförlaget, Carl Gehrmans Förlag, and Abr. Lundquist Musikförlag.


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