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Announcing: Faculty Research Stipend Recipient

Dr. Lena Hann, Assistant Professor in the Public Health Program, has been awarded the 2021 Faculty Research Stipend. Hann will spend one week at the Swenson Center this summer examining media resources from the 1940s to present that contextualize health infrastructure, policy, and practice in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.

Hann is developing a new course, PUBH-247: Whole Person Health, which will explore “the intersection of physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and economic health and wellbeing in Sweden.” Augustana College students will take a course on-campus followed by several weeks of study abroad in Scandinavian countries.

Hann says of her research, “The purpose of this is to understand the intersecting narratives that contribute to “whole person health” and Sweden’s approach to the welfare of their citizenry after WWII. I am especially interested in how Swedish-American newspapers framed physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and economic health issues for their cross-continental readership, especially because each country addresses these issues uniquely.”


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